12 Extraordinary Ways to Reinvent Yourself in 2021

Have you ever looked in a mirror and thought, “I thought I would be more than this?

Or maybe it just seems like something is missing in your life, or you feel like you’ve been stuck in this particular rut for a long, long time.

Or maybe things haven’t been going your way lately and as you reflect, you realize some changes are needed.

And maybe things are okay, you just don’t feel like you’re living the life you want to live.

You know you’ve been put here for more.

And you’re not happy.

Not really.

I’ve felt this way too.

More than once.

And when I have, I’ve taken the steps to reinvent myself.

I made changes that were, at the time, hard. You have to leave behind the comfort of things you know, get outside your comfort zone, and go forward with uncertainty about what’s to come.

And while that can be a scary thought, it can also be an enlightening one.

If you could completely upend your life by changing careers, moving to a new city, or — hell, a new country — what else are you capable of?

How Can You Reinvent Yourself?

I’m sure that’s the question on your mind.

Because reinventing yourself is scary and it can be a lot of work.

But it can all be so worth it.

No matter what your fear is telling you.

Nothing can stop you but you. It doesn’t matter if you:

  • Want to do something new, but know nothing about it.
  • Are scared of what people may think.
  • Think the time isn’t now.

And it’s never too late to live a better life. I’ve reinvented myself multiple times and still do. It doesn’t matter if you want to:

  • Reinvent yourself at 35.
  • Reinvent yourself at 40.
  • Reinvent yourself after 50.

I’ve seen some amazing things, including people reinventing themselves after losing their job, their home, their significant other — losing EVERYTHING.

So let NOTHING deter you. The only thing that can stop you is…you.

My Re-Invention

person sitting on a dock on a lake with mountain in the background reflecting
Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

I felt stuck.

It had grown to where I needed a change. I was sinking down into a dark hole, where it was getting harder and harder to claw my way back up.

It was like I woke every morning in a pit of quicksand, and every morning I was a little further down. It took longer and longer to get out of it.

And when I was finally out, I was exhausted.

All of that just to feel better. Just to feel normal.

It wasn’t worth it. But what could I do?

I owned a house. I had a job that paid well. I lived near my family and the friends I grew up with.

Though — I wasn’t happy.

More and more I felt like I fell into a trap of living a life I was supposed to live, not the life I wanted to live.

I was living a life that many of my friends lived — stay in the small town you grew up in, where everybody knew your name, buy a nice house, a nice car, find a partner in crime, get married, have kids…you get the point.

But I was finding out that it wasn’t me.

And, so I made a bold move and I moved to a big city an hour away.

It may not seem like much (and it was in no way my biggest reinvention), but leaving everything I had known was a big step for me…

And it would prove to be the best thing I ever did. It set the stage for so much. The many adventures I would have never taken, the many people I would have never met, the many skills I would have never known I even had.

Sometimes all you need is a change to see what your life can be.

And once you realize how great a reinvention can be, you may do it more often.

This was the first in a long line of reinvention for me. I’ve changed careers, moved to Hawaii, moved to Thailand for a year, and went all-in on my own businesses. And I’m not done yet.

All because I took one leap.

And you can too.

Your future self will thank you.

12 Proven Ways to Reinvent Yourself

Maybe you’re like me and you just need a change. Maybe you’ve been presented with an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Maybe you’re just thinking of making a small change, but all the same it seems like a lot.

Or maybe you’ve gone through a big and life-altering event and realize that you need to make a change for yourself — for your happiness.

Whatever the circumstances, if it’s on your mind, then the time is now.

It’s time to find a way to reinvent yourself to live the life you want to live, no matter how scary it may be.

All it takes is a mindset shift and you knowing you can make the change, and you can have success in whatever you set your mind to.

You’ll discover more about yourself than you have. You’ll meet people and experience things you never thought possible.

And you’ll awaken so much deep within yourself — you’ll find it easier to go for more adventures and you’ll discover amazing things you’re capable of — that you didn’t even know.

Here are 10 tips for reinventing yourself.

1. Stop Doing What’s Expected of You

We have a tendency to fall into what’s expected of us. Whether it’s at work or at home, we fall into the ‘comfort trap’ and we don’t want to rock the boat.

But maybe inside, there’s something just waiting to get out. You think about it, but you never do it.

  • Instead of wearing the gray suit you wear every day, you want to be the Hawaiian Shirt guy.
  • Instead of driving the same BMW, you’re more of a ’69 Dodge Charger kinda gal.
  • Instead of having the penthouse suite, you want to downgrade to a more simple life.

A move to a new city, a new career, or even a big personal change is a great opportunity to do just that.

But even just wanting to change is enough.

Make the decision that you’re going to reinvent yourself in these ways, and go for it!

2. Time to Make New Friends

friends celebrate by watching the sunset
Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

One of the hardest things I’ve done is make a choice to unfriend someone. No, not on Facebook, but in real life.

We have a tendency to continue being friends with people just because it’s known and comfortable — even though throughout the years your values may have completely changed, you find you have little in common, or your dreams and goals no longer align with each other.

And that’s all okay.

But sometimes you need to look at your life to see who’s adding value and who’s not.

Remember, you don’t need to be everyone’s friend, so choose wisely.

Choose friendships that will add value to your life — and make sure you’re adding value back.

Or as Trent Shelton said in an epic speech he gave:

“Surround yourself with people who inject faith into your life instead of fear into your heart.”

3. Listen Up

Do you want to be known as a great friend?

Do you want to be that person who’s always there for others without doing much at all?

Do you want to make everyone around you feel special with little to no effort?

The answer is simple — listen up.

Listening is a lost art, and it’s more and more apparent every day.

Listening has always been hard for us — now add in social media, the constant alerts of new emails and Facebook comments, and who knows what else.

Do you want to see something disheartening? Look around the next time you walk into a happy hour or a coffee shop — what you’ll see will disturb you. No eye contact, constant distractions, more phone time than face-time. People are more interested in their phones than their friend sitting right next to them having a conversation.

And hey — I’ve been guilty of these things, too. It’s easy to allow yourself to get distracted.

But do yourself a favor and when you’re with someone, be with them. Turn your phone on silent, make eye contact, listen, ask questions, and seek to understand.

Your friends will become closer, your co-workers will take more notice of you, you’ll meet an amazing amount of new people, and a person of interest may take more of a liking to you.

These are all things I’ve experienced by simply learning to listen.

Speaking of seeking to understand…

4. Walk in Their Shoes

I want to talk a little about something we’ve lost along the way. We’ve always been in short supply, but 2020 seems to have brought it to a cultural level.

Nobody has empathy anymore.

The world has come to an ‘either you agree with me, or you’re wrong’ mentality.

And that’s just wrong.

People can have differing opinions, even on major subjects, and still be great friends. In fact, that’s the beauty of life. We all come from somewhere different, we all have our own thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and values that nobody can take away from us.

The next time you disagree with someone, listen to their side of the story.

Seek to understand rather than throw your differing opinion back at them the instant you can.

Remember — people’s opinions are theirs because of their beliefs, not because of yours. They don’t like something because of the reasons you dislike it.

5. Be Alone with Yourself

Reinvent Yourself by Learning to Be Alone with Yourself

One of the most amazing things I’ve done is traveled to a new country alone.

It was scary, but it changed my life. It set the stage for what was to come.

When you take the time to explore a new area alone, you’ll see and experience so much more. You’ll learn so much about yourself that you didn’t know.

Whether a new country or a new city, take time to explore on your own. You’ll also meet some amazing people along the way (especially if you listen).

There’s something about traveling and exploring on your own that brings out the best in you.

6. Have You Ever Tried Random Acts of Kindness?

I love random acts of kindness, and seek to do them at every opportunity.

Whether its helping a neighbor with their groceries, helping someone cross the street, or buying someone behind me their morning coffee (even if you don’t know them).

Others will appreciate you and speak well of you, especially if you help with no thought of a reward.

Do it because you can and for no other reason.

Kindness makes those who you help happier, but it boosts your mood as well.

7. Always Speak Your Core Values

People admire someone who speaks out on their passions or values.

Show that you’re willing and able to make your point, debate an issue, or speak up for those with no voice.

But make sure you accept and listen to those with a different opinion. Speak to the points, show that you hold your core values true, but respect others opinions as well.

8. Be Generous with Your Praise

Giving credit to others will show how much you appreciate them.

Give people an ‘attaboy when they’re deserving of it. Whether they aced a project, helped you through your project, or have just been doing a great job overall and you want to recognize them.

Don’t be afraid to show your thanks. People will appreciate it and it will come back to you ten-fold.

9. Stop Sleeping In

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

Show that you have a zest for life and a passion for your career.

Get out of bed early each day with a plan in place. Be the first one to work.

Walk quickly and with purpose.

Be the first to volunteer for everything.

Act like a leader no matter what you’re doing in life, and people will follow and respect you.

You’ll come to be someone who’s up for everything, including the crazy plan to hot-air balloon or skydive, and that cool new top-secret project at work, or seizing an opportunity to start a new business with like-minded people.

People will notice and they will come calling.

10. Stay Fit and Healthy

No better time to focus on being healthy and fit than during your reinvention.

You don’t have to go crazy. Just eat healthier, drink a lot of water, and get in 20–30 minutes of exercise each day.

Hell, make it fun exercise. Do you enjoy hiking? Swimming? Tennis?

Find something you enjoy and do that every day.

The pay-off for eating healthy and staying fit is phenomenal. You’ll look better, feel better, be more productive, and others will notice what you do and will be inspired by you. And you will be inspired to continue.

11. Don’t Forget the Compliments

Show your gratitude to as many as you can. Get in a habit of it.

Whether or not they say it, people are starved for a thanks for a job well done, for sharing their wisdom, or for acknowledging their kindness.

Compliment people on their work ethic, their selflessness, or their new sweater.

People will appreciate and respect you forever if you give them compliments when they do something great and show them the gratitude they deserve.

12. The Most Important Step that Most Miss

On your journey to reinvent yourself, you can do everything right — but if you don’t do this, then you’ll fail.

Because everyone who wants personal growth in their life must learn to take action, even though things are uncomfortable.

If you want to change, be the type of person who goes and gets it, because it won’t just come to you.

And it may be uncomfortable, but that’s how you know it’s the right move.

Nobody ever got anywhere by staying in their comfort zone

Take the Leap and Reinvent Yourself Today

man taking a leap into the water, like taking the leap to reinvent yourself

If you apply these tips, people’s perception of you can change in a heartbeat.

When I moved to a new city, I became a completely new person by consciously making the decision to change into the person I’ve always wanted to be.

When I visited my old friends, many were surprised at the man I had become.

When you make a conscious to reinvent yourself, and put in the thought and effort, amazing things can happen.

You’ll do things you didn’t think possible just a year ago. You’ll meet people and make friends you didn’t know you would have. And you can even propel yourself in your career.

All by going through this list and deciding who it is that you want to be.

And then putting in the effort to be the best version of yourself.

You only live once, my friends, so what are you waiting for?

The time to reinvent yourself is now.

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